Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunrise - Sunset Quilt -Quilting Is Finished

I made some time today to finish quilting my Sunrise-Sunset Potato Chip quilt today.

There was a very good craft fair not far from here and I had planned to go. Then I said to myself "Kay, you certainly don't need to buy anything. Kay, you don't need any more inspiration for your art. Kay, you don't really want to fight the crowds after you spend too long looking for a place to park. Kay, you really don't enjoy being outside in 90 degree weather."

I think when I got to the 90 degrees I knew I'd be happier home in the AC!.

I alternated quilting with other activities that are not as enjoyable - laundry, loading the dishwasher, straightening the house, putting things away and working on my eBay auctions. OK - I admit I also spent a little time on the computer.

But, the quilting is done. I have left this photo super large so you can click on it and see the quilting up close and personal!

The only thing left to do is trim the edges to square it up, bind it, add a casing to the back and sign it.

I have been facing most of my quilts but binding is the best finish for this one. I do a great job binding a quilt, and it sure is quicker than facing!


Holly said...

Thanks for posting about this on Facebook. Love how it turned out. So cheerful and "easy" to make. :-)

Judy Warner said...

This is really turning out nicely. And, I don't blame you about 90 degrees - though I would wish it were that here. At least we are not having snow any more!