Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch Return

I haven't been doing my job like I should recently.
In Florida it is the responsibility of ladies to lunch!
I'll start to try harder because it is one of the best jobs anyone could hope for.

I enjoyed the company of my neighbors Jane and Betty at B D Beans for lunch. I feel so lucky to have such great neighbors.

My salad was out of the world great.
The Summer Salad features mixed greens, marinated artichoke, sun dried tomato, fresh tomato, walnuts, coconut and blue cheese. It is topped off with their special mango vinaigrette. I had this once before and it was even better than I remembered.

Betty and Jane had avocado's stuffed with an assortment of salads and a cup of soup. They too were very pleased with their meals.

We sat at the large table in the last room. It looked like we could have been eating on a modern quilt.

As we were leaving I spotted this yellow lamp. I had to take a picture of it and it's surroundings. Let me tell you, this place makes my house look absolutely conservative!!!!!!

It is always fun to see how they have added to or changed the decor and the food is always excellent.

1 comment:

GerryART said...

Oh, Kay, what a lunch this must have been. So many distractions from lunch itself.
However, from the looks of your selections you had a winner with your
Ladies Who Lunch.

I'd love to have this table top.