Monday, April 11, 2011

On Wisconsin - A Vast Sea Of Red

Saturday we had a picnic in our community. Anyone with Wisconsin roots was welcome.

This is an overall view with some people already eating and others in the food line.
In addition to the bratwurst there were tables laden with food each person brought.
Wisconsin people sure know how to cook!

Of course bratwurst was served. These are two of the cooks - Jerry and Chuck.

I met Mary when I moved here and it just so happened she was one of my sisters high school friends.
In the previous two photos an old friend of my other sisters is visible along with her neighbor's cousin!

It's a great chance to see friends who live here that we don't see often.

And it's also a chance to meet the friends of friends!

These are some of my good friends who did the work and made this happen.

And because Wisconsin people are so friendly it was a great opportunity to make a lot of new friends!

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