Monday, April 18, 2011

Potato Chip Quilt - My Friend's Adventure

Kay Webb, a friend of mine is making a bed size Potato Chip Quilt.

She had a collection of strips a friend had given her.
She figured out how to get a quilt the size she wanted.

Then she checked the size of her strips and found out that instead of 2 1/2" they were only 2".

That didn't stop her.

This is the beginning of her quilt. The blue dot fabric is her spacers.
She started by sewing a spacer to the end of each strip of fabric.

When I last heard from her earlier today she had a strip 2346 inches and that was early afternoon. She intends to keep going until she runs out of spacer strips. She is making a bed size quilt and may have enough to also make shams!

Way to go Kay. We'll stay tuned.

She is going to have so much fun sewing this together from her long, long long starter strip!!!!!!!!!!

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