Sunday, April 17, 2011

Potato Chip Quilt - Quilting In Progress

I started quilting the Potato Chip quilt yesterday.
I alternated working on it with other things I wanted to accomplish.
The quilting is two thirds done.
I am totally enjoying doing the quilting.

I think you can see the quilting pattern better in this photo. If you click on the photo it will show you a much larger version of the quilt and you will be able to see the quilting even better.
I am using irregular wavy lines to quilt it.
I have quilted part of it from one side and part from the other side. I will now alternate directions until I meet in the middle.
I'll keep careful watch so the quilting does meet in the middle.

Those curvy lines are so relaxing to do.
I use the even feed foot on my machine and it feeds all the layers through at the same rate without any effort on my part.

I have a feeling that even though today is a very busy day I may complete the quilting on it.


Judi said...

Kay I love the quilt and the quilting!

Anonymous said...

Kay, this is one of my favorite ways of quilting since free motion is hard on my hands. I love it with quilts that have rectangle/square piecing.
It's fun to do and easy on the hands.


Anonymous said...

Kay...this quilting is so easy and can be complimentary to many designs, I use it often. What is so effective here, is that you are crossing the verticals and it gives it a soft grid appearance. You do so many things, so well!
BTW, machine quilting is my fav.