Monday, March 4, 2013

Boundary Waters–First Quilt Finish of 2013

Although I have finished several other projects, this is the first quilt I’ve finished in 2013.


I gave the demo for facing a quilt to my art quilt group last week and finished the quilt, including the hand sewing down of the facings and rod pocket.


I used this great batik for the back of the quilt, the facings and the rod pocket. I always try to use fabrics that relate to the front on the back of my work,

The group enjoyed the presentation and I know at least one of the members has already made a quilt and used the techniques to finish it. Way to go Beth!


Scooquilt said...

Gosh I love both sides of this! Teally want to touch it.

Chris said...

Yay for your finish!! Very nice :)