Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hand Dyed Fabrics: Black And White And Shades Of Gray


Usually when I do shibori dyeing I prefer to have little or no white in my fabrics.

My goal this dye session was to get black and WHITES.

The two examples you see here were my experiment to see the difference between wetting fabrics first or dyeing the fabrics dry.

The top fabric was dyed dry and the lower one was immersed in water before I dyed it.

The water acts as a resist and allowed me to get white (or close to it).


Do you think this one was dyed wet or dry?


Wet or dry?

You are doing a good job figuring this out!

I am always fascinated by the infinite number of ways you can wrap a pole and the results you get.

Stay tuned as there are more black and whites to come.


Mary Stori said...


Pauline said...

Dry, wet, wet, dry ;-)
Love all of them Kay. Then, there is always the choice of "wet with what" ;-)

Laceflower said...

I arrived at your blog via JudyL. I am a novice dyer and appreciate your posts on your dyeing projects as I scour the internet gleaning nuggets from you pros. Shibori is so much fun; a surprise in every unwrap. thanks

Meg said...

Dry-water acts as a resist, yes?

Meg said...

Dry-water acts as a resist, yes?