Friday, April 26, 2013

Art From Our Fiber Artists


This month our fiber art group displayed their work on the bulletin board in our art/craft room.

Many of these pieces were the result of methods and techniques we studied this year.

Although I don’t have a piece of my work on the board, several of the members used the facing technique I shared recently.


Beth created two separate designs for this composition. She then cut them up and wove them together. It was quite a challenge to make everything fit. She did a masterful job with this piece.


Carol’s piece has a lot of texture to it. She has used paper and threads that most of us would throw away.

The composition is strong and something most anyone would find appealing.


Rusting fabric using steel wool was another subject Carol shared with the group. Our other Beth made this piece. She also used colored pencils and a lot of stitching and quilting. She used the facing technique I shared to finish the edges. She let the piece tell her what to do as she worked and it is quite evident she listened.

I am enjoying seeing the development of the work by the members of our group.


Mary Stori said...

Tx's for sharing these wonderful pieces Kay.....I can see that these creative gals are just another reason you love your time in FL!

Joy V said...

Some beautiful work Kay, thank you for sharing - I especially love the bird's nest - save my threads but never thought of using that way.