Sunday, April 28, 2013



I had a little Strong Orange dye I wanted to use that was probably 20 years old. It certainly didn’t loose it’s potency!

My idea was to do the washout and then overdye with something else to tone it down. That is what I will be doing when I get back to dyeing. It is possible I may keep one of two pieces that I won’t overdye – time will tell.

I am on a little break right now as I work with polymer clay as my finished clay items are getting very low.


Although is is probably not a good idea to put cotton and silk in the same dye bath, I did put two silk scarves in the same dyepot.

The silk turned out just fine although it was slightly lighter than the cotton. I also will be overdyeing the scarves.

It never ceases to amaze me the results I get each time I dye fabric.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color. Linda V.

Anonymous said...

Those are so beautiful. I like them as they are, and see no need to overdye.

Grace said...

saw lots of orange in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the vibrant orange!

Robin said...

I'm not an orange person but I love how those turned out. The patterns and colors are so lovely.

Robbie said...

Now this is one gorgeous color!!! Beautiful dyeing my friend.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Gorgeous! Orange has been growing on me in recent years. These are delicious!

Heather P said...

I love love love orange. So of course I love these! Gorgeous!