Saturday, April 13, 2013

Giving Talent A Helping Hand

Earlier this week my friend Mary Stori wrote a very complementary blog post about me.


I met Mary at a quilt show in Wisconsin where she was modeling in her mother-in-law’s Wearable Art style show.

After the style show she came my our booth and showed me pictures of her quilts, all done on her own without help from anyone else.

I could see she definitely had a lot of talent.

I invited her to our Quilt Guild meeting in Illinois, which was where she lived at the time.

When she showed up at one of the meetings I invited her to sit with us.

She became very active in the guild and her quilting skills blossomed (as did her involvement in the guild).

She became an internationally known quilt celebrity travelling to share her talents.

She also wrote several books. won contests and led many quilters cruises to various ports.

All I really did was ignite the spark and Mary herself, with her numerous talents is the one who made it all happen.

I have always felt that if is important to encourage others, and it takes nothing away from what you yourself are doing when they soar to great heights.

So thanks Mary for singing my praises and giving me more credit that I really deserve, as you deserve most of the credit for how far you have come.

If you would like to see what Mary is doing these days you can visit her blog at:


Robbie said...

I just feel so fortunate to have met you, Kay, and 'meeting' Mary, on my daily blog reads! I've come to 'know' Mary via the 'net' and feel so lucky you are both in my inspiration, as friends....

Mary Stori said... are kind Kay...... I very much agree.....supporting each other is a precious gift that goes both ways.....