Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Weekend Departure


I did not take a lot of pictures this weekend so I knew I needed to take the departure picture of Greg and Julie’s family.

Jessica is not in the picture as she left really early this morning as she had to get back home to work.

Left to right: Stephanie, Blake, Jared (front), Nicholas, Julie, and Greg holding Zoey the dog!

They are ready to all sports, etc with the canoe, fishing equipment and a rack to hold the cross country skis.


They also are ready for a nice meal with a dining room table and chairs and a guitar for music to accompany the diners.


There’s also a LARGE 5 piece drum set hiding in this car so I guess they could have a band too.

It’s amazing how much a well packed vehicle will hold.

They left less than 15 minutes ago and each car has been back to pick up something they forgot already!

It’s always a wonderful weekend when family is here to visit.

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Unknown said...

Oh I remember those days of packing a car "just so" to get the most in it possible. That is funny that both cars have been back for some forgotten goodie. You are right family time is special.