Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Visit From A Quilter


I am sure many of you will recognize my visitor if you are a quilter.

Del Thomas was on her way home from Indiana and detoured to visit Wisconsin. She said it was one of the two states she had never visited.

Her travels put her in my part of Wisconsin in the late afternoon so we were able to connect.

She got to my house and we proceeded to Siebert’s Hotel for dinner.

We then came back to the house and she got a chance to see a few of my quilts and my studio.

We had never met before but when you put two quilters together they hit it off right away.

I really enjoyed meeting her and talking about quilts and other things. Of course we know many of the same people.

Hoping our paths cross again.

1 comment:

Robbie said...

Del looks so familiar but I'm certain i don't know her..nice you get a visit from her!!!