Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Impossible Dream–Finished!

Not only is the quilt finished and hung in Jessica’s room, but the redecorating in her room is also finished.


Anyone looking at this quilt might say that is SO simple.

It was one of the most intense time consuming pieces I’ve done.

Working with shibori dyed fabrics presents it’s own set of design problems.

Working with pieces of fabric that are a small specific size creates another set of challenges.

The fabrics you see in this quilt are not the fabrics I started with…with a few exceptions.

This spent a long time on the design wall in progress as I studied it to make it work.

Once I was satisfied with the design the next challenge was sewing the pieces together.


This is the final layout before I sewed it together.

There were a lot of challenges as I pieced it together trying to maintain as many of the proportions as possible.

In addition to that there were some of those challenging inset seams.

What a relief when I finally got it all sewn together. I got it layered and ready for quilting.

It was then put on the back burner for almost 2 years while there were other priorities in my life.

I recently finished the quilting, blocked it, faced it and put a casing (rod pocket) on the back.

We cut a slat to insert in the rod pocket and it is now hanging in her room right next to her bed.

(By the way, I am using slats made from some wood window blinds to hang my quilts. I have a supply of them to last me a long time from the 4 blinds I took down.)

It was not made for this spot in this room……it just happened to be perfect for than spot.


KAM said...

Kay this is often the design that looks the most simple when finished has taken the utmost care, consideration, planning and executing to obtain the simplicity...You did a grand job with this one. Kristin

Lynda said...

Kay, This is stunning! I love the closeup. Shibori is challenging and you did a wonderful job putting it together.

ann said...

BEAUTIFUL! I've found that simple is a LOT harder to make than many pieces.

Robbie said...

It is stunning and beautiful!!!

The Inside Stori said...

Worth all the time you spent on's stunning!

carla said...

Hi!!!! I love it!!! It is beautiful!!!

Linda Elder said...

This is gorgeous. I truly love it and understand the challenge of inset seams. I tried a quilt with several insets a while back and actually just gave up on it. Maybe some other time.

Louise Page said...

Worth all the hard work, candy for my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kay, I still have most of my shibori nicely folded.
Sylvia in Texas

francyne said...

It was definitely worth the hard work and the long wait. I love it!