Saturday, July 12, 2014

Journey To The Impossible Dream

I shared the finished work with you on my last blog post.

I think some of you might be interested in following the journey to the completed work.


These pictures are not necessarily in the order they happened.

I wanted to use those 3 rectangles that shade from purple to turquoise to green. They did make the final cut.

I also wanted to use that limey green long narrow piece on the top right. It didn’t play well with the other fabrics no matter where I put it or no matter what other greens I added.


A very simple composition – too simple


More yellowy greens in this one.


Changing proportions and fabrics.


Trying again to use than long narrow rectangle of limey green.


Another possibility.

These are not even half of the things I tried but it gives you an idea of how I make the journey from start to finish.

Of course after I make the final decision I still need to sew it together, quilt it and finish it.


Ann said...

Ahh but the real fun is in the design, not the finishing - well for me anyway. Beautiful piece.

Robbie said...

Really enjoy seeing your progress or steps to completion! Oh course we all have our favorite(s)!

Sandi said...

So so beautiful. It's the nicest quilt (art ) that I have seen for a while ! Lovely!