Saturday, July 19, 2014

Shibori Or Not?


This fabric sure looks like it could have been shibori dyed. It is actually an older printed Nancy Crow fabric I had in my collection.

The color was perfect for the back of this quilt.

The front of the quilt is composed mostly with shibori dyed fabrics, although I didn’t realize the fabric for the back looked like shibori when I chose it.


I chose a circular quilting design to contrast with the bold graphic design on the front of the quilt.


This picture shows the entire back of the quilt. I have faced the edges and they have been sewn down.

Both the top and bottom have rod pockets/casings. The top one is where I will insert the slat to hang the quilt on the wall.

The lower one will also get a slat to make the quilt hang better.

Won’t be long before this is finished.

And – the best part…..I found a spot in my house to hang and enjoy it!

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