Thursday, July 24, 2014

Organizing My Shibori and Ice Dyed Fabrics

I don’t need things in perfect order as I work in my studio.

Occasionally it does get to the point where I need to put things in some semblance of order.


This basket holds all of my ice dyed fabrics with the exception of the 3 mandalas I showed you yesterday.

It doesn’t look like there is quite so much when they are all neatly folded.


I keep my shibori dyed fabrics laid out on my library table. This makes it easy to see what I have, and also to see what I need to dye next.

Having them visible makes it so much easier to design something.

I am not really designing anything right now, as I am currently concentrating on finishing works in progress.

That does not mean I am not being inspired and getting ideas for the future from seeing these.

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The Inside Stori said...

I agree....keeping items at an organized manner is so helfpul. BTW....I spied some lovely brown shibori pieces.....unusual color that I wanted to reach out and grab a few!