Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Power Of The Sun


We have this big beautiful blue spruce tree in the front yard. We planted it to hide the well cap in the yard.

We had planted about 6 other things and they all died. We weren’t real pleased with the way this one was growing and were almost ready to get rid of it when it was about 6 feet tall. All of a sudden it turned into the most beautiful tree in the yard.

Do you see the white snowball (hydrangea) bush to the lower right of the tree?


There have never been as many blossoms on this as there are this year. We didn’t even trim the old ones from the bush after they finished blooming.

Could that be the reason for the bountiful blooms? Could it have been the cold winter this past year?

Or could it have been…………..


the fact that all the branches on this side of the tree had to be cut off so they could put in a new well pump a few years ago?

Now it gets a lot more sunshine!

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Unknown said...

probably bits of all the reasons you gave. I would think the most likely is that it was not pruned last year. Perhaps the flower buds set earlier than you think.