Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lanai Redo–Finale


I added new cushions to the dining table and chairs we had.


The existing chaise lounge is always a favorite place to read or relax, both for me or for guests.


If you are wondering what happened to the furniture I HAD where the new furniture is, I have done another grouping on the other side of the lanai.

I will probably sell the rattan couch and chair, but for now I am keeping it as I anticipate a gathering of a large group of friends.


Every Florida lanai needs a bar. This is currently not stocked but can be! We purchased this on eBay about 10 years ago and were fortunate it was located only 40 miles from us.

When Andy looked at the window above the bar he said it was backwards. I told him to go look at the other side of the wall and it would be forwards.

So the project is now complete with the exception of a few accessories. I’ll continue to shop my house for them and I have no doubt I will find enough to “make it work”.

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