Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our Line Challenge


Beth Shutty’s quilt featured curved lines both in the motif and in her appropriate background quilting.


Gloria Meachem’s quilt was inspired by a piece of fabric.Her lines are obvious in both the design and the quilting. It is interesting that both Beth and Gloria’s quilts radiate from an off center central point but are totally different in their design and execution.


This is the other quilt Gloria made for our challenge. It tells us so much more about lines with her descriptions and illustrations. Gloria is one of our members who has mastered her sewing machine embroidery and so much more.


Judy Devaney created this with personal heirloom laces.What a great way to preserve the handwork and the memories it evokes.  It you knew Judy you would recognize this as her work as these colors are spot on for her.

She also was the hostess for our challenge tea. It was lovely.


Gladys Tice also used curved lines to emphasize and feature the print she chose to use. The colors also are pulled from the print.

Her workmanship was impeccable …not an easy thing to do with those narrow insets of color.


Beth Sherman’s beautiful sunset landscape uses both curve and straight lines in the piecing and quilting. The quilting is so appropriate to the design and does an excellent job of emphasizing the different parts of the quilt.


In case you forgot my quilt posted earlier on this blog, here is one part of it.

I have yet to get a good photo of the entire piece. I used a piece of fabric I had dyed several times as the background and created the lines with satin stitching using a color run over the surface.


Createology said...

Wow! These are amazing and stunning and such lovely works of art. Creative Quilting Bliss...

Mary Marcotte said...

Those are some interesting quilts. I really don't think I could choose a favorite. The challenge has all the marks of a good one--quilters were able to come up with so many different ideas.

Mary Marcotte said...

Love these quilts they are so interesting and different--sign of a good challenge!

Blue dragonfly said...

Thanks, the quilts look great.

Robbie said...

So nice, Kay...just beautiful displays!!!