Sunday, February 1, 2015

57/57 Racine Washington Park High School Reunion Saturday Evening Dinner

We had a very nice dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s in The Villages Saturday evening.
Our waiter had a lot of experience photographing groups and got us all in one photo.
From left to right: Sharon Nyiri Leffler, Kay Koeper Sorensen, Tom Hansen , Barb Tesolowski Coleman, Terry Hagen, Bill Dawson, Lee Edmonston, Molly Edmonston, Lynn Crane Leithleiter, Pat Davidson Maranger, John Maranger, Andy Bedford, Drew Bedford.
Some of the classmates who were at the casual get together weren’t able to make the dinner.
For many this was farewell until next time as they will be leaving tomorrow.
For those of us who will still be here we will be meeting to watch the Super Bowl.
I will be sharing reunion photos for several days so the classmates who couldn’t be here can enjoy our weekend activities.

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