Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Works In Progress

I’m back in the groove creating and finishing quilts again.


I started this quilt on a visit to Hilton Head Island a little over 4 years ago. It was right about the time Laney was born so that is how I can date things…birthdays, weddings, etc.

I was at a loss as to what it needed and last night it spoke and what it told me was something I enjoy doing.

I did all the brown curved satin stitch on it.


This one started as the positive image of the negative image I started with in the previous quilt.

It took off in a different direction when I added the rose leaf shapes.

Last night I added narrow satin stitching emphasize the image I had created previously.

I will finish both of them with a zigzag edge finish. I’ll add a casing on the back to put in a slat to hang them and they will be finished.

Only a little over 4 years for them to speak up and tell me how to finish them!

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