Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some Of My Prize Winning Quilts

A message from a friend this morning gave me the idea to share a few of the quilts I’ve one prizes with.
The colors in Thirties Baskets are not the colors most people would associate with my work. Yet, there are many things about the design and color selection that are my style. I can’t remember what awards this one got as it is not one of my most recent works.
Five Forever won First Place in the Quilters Express To Japan contest. Quilts had to be made with a certain group of fabrics. It was shown at the Yokohama Quilt Show in Japan.
In Living Color was a winner in the Jinny Beyer/RJR Palette contest. I won first prize professional.
This is the center area of Bordering On A New Millennium. The entire quilt has been a difficult quilt to get an accurate photo of. this photo shows the colors very accurately.
This is the entire quilt. It won First Place Large Quilt in the Jinny Beyer/RJR border fabric quilt contest.
Since I don’t produce quilts to enter contests for the most part I don’t have records of what quilts won what awards. I am sharing these from memory.
I was more likely to produce quilts and then find they are perfect for a specific contest.
There are many others that have won awards and maybe I’ll share them another day.


Robbie said...

Love,love them,I don't see you in the 'basket' quilt but it is nicely done!!

Momma/Deb said...

What beautiful quilts!! You are very talented! From another Jinny Beyer Fan! Hugs, Deb