Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Haven’t Found It

If you have been following the search for the CC I am continuing to search for it.


I can’t believe I put the CC in the dryer while I was loading the wash machine…but I did. Took it our though before I ran the dryer so where is it?


Oh yes, now I remember I put them in the dishwasher so I could get it unloaded quickly. But where did it go from there?


Of course- right on the top shelf of the pantry – or so I thought. It’s not there.


Of course, I got out the mini shopping cart I use for napkins and plates when I entertain and I must have put it away with the shopping car. I just went and looked and I found the shopping cart but not the CC.


I wouldn’t think anyone would want CC with hot homemade bread…but I guess someone might have. The bread is gone but I still can’t find the CC.

Since I won’t be having a party soon I guess I still have time to look for it. Hope I find it.


Robbie said...

So funny....

LindaD said...

You want to borrow my glasses?