Monday, February 9, 2015

Negative Positive Game Quilt

Knowing that our quilt group had just a few people in attendance the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I came up with an idea to boost attendance in 2014.

It worked as we had a lot of people come.


Of course I had to do some preparation to share this idea/technique. I did make up all the squares and fused squares everyone used.

While watching TV I did some cutting of images to use on the squares. I did get a little carried away.

I had enough to do this quilt which is 7 squares by 8 squares.


Can you find the blocks with the matching images?

Sometimes using a different background can make it next to impossible to see that they are done with the same image.

The quilt is finished and has a top and bottom rod pocket so it will hang straight.

It’s really a fun technique to do and I couldn’t stop until it was finished.


Robbie said...

OK, what did I miss...I see the piece you did you give these same pieces to the guild???? Sorry...I've been sick and on lots of drugs!

Anonymous said...

I tried to send you an e mail but it came backl I am in an online group with you - Yahoo MX Dyers, I think (I am in several) and I know that you live in Racine. I am in suburban Milwaukee. I belong to West Suburban Quilt guild in Brookfield WI (Milwaukee suburb).

I saw this blog post. Do you think you could make it into a 1 hr guild presentation? Our guild year runs Sept - May. If so, how much would it cost?Or do you have any other subjects you lecture on. I admire your work..Thanks much. Johanna Fritz (aka Johanna in WI) please contact me at Sorry, I could not think of how else to contact you.