Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oversized Sweater Almost Done!

In October my BFF Robbie was knitting a cowl.

I loved it. I found yarn to knit it in my yarn collection. I thought it would take a little over one skein.

Then I realized I had 6 skeins of this yarn and decided to knit a sweater, intending to add the cowl to the neckline!


I soon realized that on a bulky oversize sweater like this a cowl would have been too much.

It got put away as other things took priority. I got it out this week figuring if I didn’t finish it the weather would turn warm and I wouldn’t get a chance to wear it. I was OK with the weather turning warm!

Right now it is 73 degrees here but the temperatures will be heading down to highs of 50’s this week.

If I get the side seams sewn and ends taken care of I will have several days to wear it!


You can see the colors better with this close up.

I still have the cowl in progress and it looks like I’ll have enough yarn to finish it too. However I doubt I’ll wear them both at the same time.

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Robbie said...

This is/did turn out great! Isn't it wonderful we are able to do some many different 'things'....keeps us "off the streets" as they say!