Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amish quilts are all about COLOR

Vintage Amish quilts are a great way to learn about how to use color effectively.
I don't have any vintage ones. I've used the lessons I've learned from studying them to create some Amish style quilts of my own.

This quilt is one I call Round Trip Around The World. I use a technique I developed to make this efficiently by joining my strips to form a tube. It makes quick work to construct the quilt.

It takes more time to select an effective group of colors that it does to piece the quilt. I did write a pattern for this and also sold preselected color packets so the hard work was done for anyone who wanted to make it. I used my color expertise to come up with colorations that were each different and graphically stunning.

The photo of the quilt does not show the quilting in the border. I find it very difficult to photograph black quilting on black fabric. That may have something to do with my photography skills! I took the design from the back of one of our pressed back kitchen chairs. These belonged to my husband's great grandmother. To do this I did a rubbing of the chair back, and transferred the design to the fabric. I filled around it with diagonal quilting lines.

I thought I'd give you (and I) an easy puzzle cut for this quilt. I've done some recently that I almost gave up on!!!!!!!!!
Click to Mix and Solve

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Vicki W said...

Quilting designs can come from anywhere!