Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Graduate School for Quilters - Design

I would like to share some student work with you tonight.
When I teach design I always give design problems with strict parameters so the students can learn a specific design lesson.
This lesson used the Golden Rectangle as the overall size and shape.
For the base there also were guidelines about the fabric choice and the division of the space into the pieced rectangles.

Each student made 2 pieces and one was to read portrait and the other was to read landscape. I am not sure I have these oriented correctly.
The next step was to select a second group of fabrics, back them with a fusible and cut shapes to fill the empty spaces.
The final step was to edge the shapes, either with stitching, paint or anything else they could come up with.

Even though each student started with the same guidelines their own personal signature is evident in their work. A good lesson should not stifle creativity while still teaching a specific lesson.

I am always amazed at how every one can interpret the lesson differently and come up with such different shapes. None of them are the shapes I would create and that is what makes each of us unique.
These two quilts can be hung together for a greater impact that hanging just an individual quilt. This also gives people a chance to look closer at them and observe the similarities and differences.

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