Sunday, September 20, 2009

More log cabin variations by my students

I have taught the log cabin block many times.
Often I am too busy to take photos. I did take photos of a group of them from one of my classes.

This a very traditional arrangement of blocks for the log cabin design.
I did not give the students any direction as to arranging their blocks, I just told them to play with them.

This also is a very traditional arrangement of Log Cabin blocks. These blocks were pieced the traditional way, not paper pieced. All the strips are the same width, unlike the quilt I showed you yesterday. I know this particular quilt was finished and it is hanging in a vacation home in Northern Wisconsin.

This student was adventurous in both her color choices and her arrangement. These are all generous size quilts.
I personally love the Log Cabin design. I have 2 sets of log cabin blocks made and am waiting for an opportunity to sew them together.
Enjoy tonight's quilt puzzle.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing the first of these quilts. The slightly darker strips amongst the light has shown me a whole new way to create designs with Log Cabin. I will show them on my blog as an on going series which could last for years!
Judy B