Monday, September 21, 2009

Miniature Log Cabins

I realize I have shown this before but since I am showing Log Cabins and different colorations and shadings it seems appropriate to show it again.
Each block has 4 different colored sides and they are all the same color as the side adjacent to them in the neighboring block. I had to really think as I made these blocks.

This Log Cabin miniature quilt uses 1/4 inch wide logs.
The colors are shaded very carefully and I had to make each block in a specific coloration so it would continue the color and shading I desired.
You can see some of the basting threads are still in the piece even though the hand quilting is done. I haven't bound it yet and I think that is because I am dreading matching the binding seams perfectly to the border on the quilt.

I hope you enjoy one of my very favorite miniature quilts as tonight's puzzle.
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Eva said...

Like colored glass laid on a black+white background...