Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Miniature Log Cabin Quilts

Technically this is a half log cabin as it only has logs on two sides of the center square. I chose to divide the center into two triangles, each a different red. Red in the center color most popular in a traditional log cabin quilt.
I chose not to quilt this quilt as the softness of the quilting stitches would interfere with the strong graphic image I have created. I will have it framed. I LOVE this quilt.

This is an off center log cabin - the same log cabin variation you saw in my black and white log cabin quilt. By varying the rust and turquoise fabrics it creates a more interesting piece of art.I made 8 blocks with wide rust logs and 8 blocks with wide turquoise logs. I then played with them and came up with this arrangement. The centers are silver lame. This combination gives the quilt a real southwest look.
It too will be framed rather than quilted.

I hope you enjoy this puzzle. Let me know how challenging you find it to be.
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christinebell1 said...

A fun puzzle Kay, Tricky but do-able :)

Stitch 'n Dye said...


I am very much enjoying viewing your minature log cabin quilts.

Sue xx

Leslie said...

Fun puzzle. Intimidating at first but now I have a system for this cut.Loved the challenge.
Your quilts are beautiful.