Thursday, September 17, 2009

More miniatures - a variation of the technique

For this quilt I strip pieced a complete square, rather than just one half the square. I played with the squares until I came up with the design I was pleased with.
This is called Pretty Bird as the colors were similar to a photo I saw of a colorful bird.
I used six 1/4 inch inner borders in colors used in the pieced section.
It may not be obvious but the final border on this quilt is a very dark navy, rather than the black I have used on previous work.

This quilt also uses the strip pieced squares. It was important I have 4 identical squares for each section. To enhance this design I added several strip pieced borders, black triangles, a red border and the final black border.

If you click on either of these quilts you should be able to see the hand quilting in the enlarged photos.

I haven't used the stars puzzle cut for a while so I am using it tonight.
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Anonymous said...

Kay....I remember many of your miniatures and in fact, I think I even took a workshop from traveling down memory lane!!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I think you did too. Do you still have the quilts?