Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Magnificent Miniature Patchwork Quilts

I have shared several of my miniature quilts with you in the past.
I'm going to share more of them.

They all have been made with the technique I developed for making miniature quilts sewn on a foundation of regular old fashioned graph paper. Nothing special to buy.
I taught a workshop on how to do this to guilds and conferences through out the country. I also taught a more extensive class in my studio, along with an advanced class.
I know some of you who read my blog took this class.

If you look at the quilt I posted at the top of the blog you may think it is one more of my larger Amish Shadow quilts. This quilt is only 16 x 20 inches. The strips are 1/4" wide - the width of a square on the graph paper.

Using exactly the same size blocks and orienting them diagonally I was able to achieve a totally different quilt.

One advantage of this technique is it uses very little fabric.
One disadvantage of this technique is it uses up very little of your fabric.

I remember a phone conversation with Carter Houck, the editor of Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts years ago. She said "Kay, if you want to use up some of your fabric you are going to have to start making larger quillts!" Several of my miniature quilts were featured in their magazine when they featured Wisconsin.

Using solid color fabric and chooosing your colors carefully gives you striking graphic quilts.

I hope you enjoy tonight's puzzle.
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I had a lot of fun coming up with variations on this idea and block. Of course I also was able to vary the size as you have previously seen on my blog.


Exuberant Color said...

I'm pretty sure I took that class. It is really an accurate method.

Eva said...

This really is a classic! Perfect. I like the second one, too; but the first still beats it IMHO.