Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Look Alikes- Rerun

On Facebook this week some friends are suggesting we paste a celebrity look alike instead of our own photo.
Instead of posting on Facebook I chose to paste mine here.

I was surprised who came up as my celebrity look alikes.
I was pleased with the choices though.
I've tried this with several other peoples photos and I don't think they'd be pleased with the outcome so I'm not sharing the results with them!
I very surprised to find Liza Minelli was my best match. And Raquel Welch? I never would have guessed. I'm flattered to look like any one of these ladies.

Today's puzzle is a quilt you've seen before but it is one of my favorites that I've made. Not only do I like the way it looks, but it won me a top of the line sewing machine.
Click to Mix and Solve

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Eva said...

Can they quilt? I guess no.