Friday, January 8, 2010

My Southern Studio - Rerun 8

This is where I store all my notions, threads,small sewing supplies, embellishments, small pieces of batting,rubber stamps and miscellaneous items. It is really a TV cabinet that was part of a storage wall for the guest room. This piece didn't fit so I repurposed it here. The center section has doors that I can close and you can't see what is behind them when the room is being used as our second guest room.

This is where I usually use my sewing machine. It is within arms reach of the cabinet in the last photo. I want to be able to see something when I sew and when the blind is up I can watch all the traffic and walkers go by, but more importantly I can enjoy my nieghbors beautiful yards across the street. I sometimes move the machine to the great room or the lanai.

The two wood cabinets are our old dressers that were damaged when a TV fell into them. We had them repaired. I store fabric in the drawers. My Florida fabric collection is significantly brighter than my Wisconsin collection. I also store interfacings, wrapping paper, gifts and other items behind the doors. The white cabinet in the center is my office.

My Florida library has far fewer books and magazines than I have in Wisconsin.

I find it easier to do my cutting at the kitchen counter in the great room and do my ironing there as well.
My "studio" is something anyone can create. Almost everything is repurposed or very inexpensive. Actually the entire house is furnished with repurposed or very inexpensive things.

You may have noticed you didn't see a design wall. I generally work smaller here so I just prop pieces up to look at them or tape them to something. The one larger piece I designed was laid out on a bed using a formula to distribute the blocks and then I took digital phtographs to decide if I was pleased with it. I did purchase a tension rod I can put in the closet opening and gray felt to use as a design wall. I haven't found I need it yet.

I find if you have a desire to create you can do it almost anywhere. I have seen studios that are even more modest than this one and I have seen some awesome work created in them.


Eva said...

Is this the way you work? With everything in the cabinets? Sooo tidy?
(Ooh, I wish I had such a sense of order)

Lisa in Penna said...

Very neat to see your work in progress, Kay. I'll have to add your blog to my watch list!