Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm a Sunset kind of girl!

Today was a beautiful clear crisp day with a high of 50 degrees.
It made for an absolutely beautiful sunset. I have a beautiful view of the sunset from my lanai.

When I create my art I don't think of anything specifically, but if you look at the following quilts I think it is obvious that the sunset is a strong influence in my work.

These quilts are various sizes and are parts of different series. I could add many other quilts I have made which also are sunset quilts.

I am trying to analyze if there is any correlation between the fact that I am NOT a morning person and the fact that I LOVE the sunset.

For my favorite time of day I have to use my favorite puzzle cut. Enjoy.
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Deb said...

I recognize some discharge work there in the fourth quilt. Is that from the class we were in together at Nancy Crow's Barn a couple of years ago or did you do more discharge pieces since then? I love it! I love them all, but especially that one! A great inspiration for me.

Vicki W said...

That is a beautiful photo!

Mary Stori said...

Kay, you've helped to inspire me....our next small group challenge is sunrise or sunset theme.....I had no idea until I saw some of your pieces....tx's!

I'm so into working with bead embellishing woolfelt, I find it difficult to switch gears and go back to patchwork!