Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Studio - Rerun Part 4

When I changed this quilt into this circular design it reminded me of the Spirograph's my children got from Santa. Do they still make them? I still have two sets up in the studio.

The men very seldom came up to my studio. One year when we had so many people here for Thanksgiving my son brought over a big screen TV and set it up in the studio. Of course after dinner we knew where to find the men!
The Spirographs are on one of the lower shelves at the right of the photo. When we were building the addition my husband had to carry our granddaughter up the old pull down stair way so she could see the roughed in studio. She said "Grandpa, this is where my shelf is going to be." That area is still the grandchildren's shelf, although they find things all over the studio to use to create things.

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solomi558 said...

Oh! this quilt! so beautiful . I,m a p/qu,. of many years but have never made anything like this------cottonreel