Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Millennium Time Capsule

We celebrated New Years Eve 2000 with our 4 local grandchildren. If you would like to see the Millennium quilts and their story just click Millennium quilts in the right side bar.
One of our activities was creating a time capsule, contained in the basket you see.
We decided to open it this year so had a pizza party and had the grand opening.

This poster features many New Years Eves but the emphasis is on our Millennium celebration.

The first item on the agenda was enjoying the delicious pizza from one of our local pizza parlors.

Jeff and Cooper did the honors opening the time capsule.

These are some of the things that were in the time capsule.

Heidi is modeling a tiara that was in the capsule.

When we celebrated Christmas this year I had each of the kids pick their favorite color from a selection of paint chips and sign and date it. They had no idea why I was asking them to do it. They forgot they had picked their favorite colors as we celebrated New Years Eve 2000 and that they were placed in the time capsule. Here is Dana with her sample from this year and her samples from the Millennium.

It looks like Kierstin dressed to match the colors she choose in 2000 and picked an accent color this year.

Since Cooper was not born until long after the Millennium had passed, he only had the colors from this year.

Jeff has loved orange for a LONG time but evidently hadn't chosen it at the time of the Millennium.

The time capsule contained little bottles of bubble stuff. Everyone, young and old enjoyed blowing bubbles.

And here are the original 4 participants from our Millennium party all grown up!

I don't think anyone enjoys my puzzles more than Cooper. I click the autosolve and they go click - click - click and he is fascinated.
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Leslie said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing it and I see a time capsule in our future.

Eva said...

Colors say so much more than words. A wonderful idea indeed! It might be a surprise to find which colors everyone picked -- after 20 or 30 years.