Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Studio - Rerun 5...and there is still more to come

I have made progress in getting my studio in much better shape.
I still would be embarassed to take a overall shot but I have several vignettes of various areas to show you.

Quilting Grannie has a new home on top of my thread cabinet. She looks much happier surrounded by all the miniature quilts which are in proportion to her size!

In response to previous posts I have been corresponding with other quilters about their fabric storage. One thing that is a concern to all is protecting our fabric from fading. My system involves my movable design wall to keep the fabric from fading. Since this is not a practical solution for most of you I have another suggestion for anyone who stores their fabric on open shelves.
These are my "Messy" bookcases. The ones you saw some time ago were my "Neat" ones in case you didn't figure that out!
I purchased spring loaded tension curtain rods and felt to cover the front of the bookcases. I also did the same with the opening to the store room in the center which does not have a door. I just cut the felt to fit the width, sewed a casing on top and adjusted the curtain rods to fit inside the space. I also have used the felt "curtains" to pin some of my quilts to for display purposes. You could use any fabric to make a "curtain" for open shelves.. I also have used this system to display quilts that hide some "messy" cabinets in the bedrooms.

After visiting other blogs and seeing sketch books ready to use I decided it was time to clear off the drafting table and set up a sketching area. I have started to use this area.

I love these plastic storage drawer units. This particular bank of them is under one end of my cutting table. You can take them apart and put them together to make them whatever height you want. This group holds my polymer clay supplies.

Since I am "Licensed To Quilt" I put a license plate in the front of each drawer in the cabinet that holds my large cones of thread. Do you see any difference between these license plates?

This doll was made by Delores Jacobs from Illinois. You have previously seen some of her limited edition Santa's on my blog. I provided the fabrics and lace for her to make this for me and she obliged with red hair which I had at the time - just not quite that bright. I call her "Kay, The Quilter". She is now back on top of the messy bookcase with The Bride and Miss Liberty.


Jen said...

It jumped right out at me...probably because I'm familiar with Wisconsin Plates. It's not so much the plates that are different but the one plate has a 1 instead of an I!

Jackie Davis said...

yes in 97 you used a 1 for an I, clever! heehee

Cindi said...

Lovely room! Love the miniature quilts in the first picture - and LOVE the octagon quilt next to it. Can you share where you got the pattern?