Thursday, January 7, 2010

Studio Rerun 7

Last week a topic of discussion on the Quilt Art list was where do you keep your thread?

Just about the time I finished my studio I was extremely lucky to find this thread spool cabinet in my favorite antique store.
The thread you can see in the front of the drawers is almost all old wooden spools with thread on them. I don't use them as the thread has probably lost it's strength.

Behind each one of them is space for about 10 spools of thread. I place similar colors behind each of the front spools.

Odd size spools go in the 6 bottom drawers.
It's both a beautiful and practical piece to enjoy in my studio.


Eva said...

What a wonderful antique! A temple for the colour goddess.

mistyfuse said...

Kay! I'm having puzzle withdrawal! But I thoroughly enjoyed this visit through your wonderful studio. And now I want to see where the Mistyfuse will go! Iris