Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quilt turning on the studio bed - Final answer

Amish bricks is a replication of an Amish quilt. If you look closely you will see there are many variations of each color. It also has the appearance of a scrap quilt with so many different solid colors. There is color progression and contrast in this quilt. It is hand quilted.

This quilt was designed for a Mystery quilt weekend I offered. It is my adaptation of an antique quilt I saw somewhere. It is long and narrow like a hired man's quilt.

This started as an antique quilt top I purchased. I fell in love with it when I saw it. A friend who did some of the best hand quilting I have ever seen quilted it for me.

This is one of my early bed quilts. I had someone quilt it with a long arm machine.

This is actually a very large wall quilt I made for my husband's office. Since he retired it is either on this bed or hanging over the stairwell. It is a combination of commercial fabrics combined with the shaded hand dyed gray fabric. I dyed the fabric myself.

Since returning to Florida this year I have been doing a little more exploring of the area. Of course a "sunset kind of girl" has to turn down Sunset Harbor Road and then explored Timucuan Rd. I learned that the Timiucuans were Indians who were at one time native to this area. So to document my "exploration" this street sign is tonight's puzzle.
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Kathie said...

nice to see some more of your quilts. great quitls.
love the hired man quilt, yes I have seen antique quilts like this too and the amish quilt , just beautiful
would love to see that up close
when you click on the picture it goes to a ? mark in a blue box....
wonder why?

Eva said...

No 3 did deserve a hand quilting! I praised it before. Thank you for the whole show. What a treat!