Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tessellations from The Colors Of My Life series

In reality all the quilts in this series qualify as tessellations since they are made up of squares.
One definition of tessellation is fit together without leaving any spaces.

The quilts I will feature are those where the shape of the design element forms a tessellation.
I will also share some where the design element comes close to creating a tessellation but doesn't quite.

The design formed by the four patches of individual colors in this quilt are NOT a tessellation. I had to fill them in with the one patch of a different color.

Each unit of color tessellates in this quilt. Each unit is made up of 18 shaded squares of a color. I wanted this quilt to be square so there are partial units along the edges. I could have continued them for full shapes.

This design is similar to the previous one but the units do NOT tessellate. They had to be filled in with the 4 gray squares.

The simple crosses form a tessellation in this quilt alternating black, brown or gray for every other cross.

When you first look at this you may say the shapes here do NOT tessellate. Keep looking and see if you CAN find the shape. It may help you to see the tessellating shapes if you squint or take off your glasses.

If you can not find it now look at the photo in gray scale and I think you WILL be able to see it. There are light shapes and dark shapes that tessellate with each other.

I used the bird cut for this puzzle because it is a shape that tessellates.
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mistyfuse said...

Squares? That's what I see.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

If you click on the photos and enlarge them you may be able to see better what I am talking about.

jovaliquilts said...

I am commenting almost a year too late, but I just came across then when I googled tessellating quilt patterns. Very neat! I like your use of color, too -- the almost tessellating one is very nice!

Happy Scrappy said...

Lovely. And thank you. Finally I know what tessellated is :-)