Sunday, February 7, 2010

On the Eve of the Super Bowl: Friends = Fun

I have a group of friends who get together once a month. We start with appetizers and dinner. The hostess provides the main course and each couple brings something. Last night we gathered at my house.

Originally we played a card game. We now have horse races. Everyone enjoys it and the noise level would wake up the baby. Fortunately it has been years since any of us have had a baby!

Ed is showing off the game just like my grandchildren show their presents at Christmas.

Although I only met Pat and Marion when I moved to Florida they have deep Wisconsin roots. Do you think Marion purposely dressed to match my house, quilt and Christmas tree? I'd bet she did!

Ron and Pat were high school classmates of mine in Wisconsin. We now live less than a mile from each other in Florida. I recently found my notebooks from the high school geography class Ron and I were in together. I shared them with him last night!
Pat and I were in the same sewing class as sophmores and learned to use the sewing machine attachments to make aprons.

Lynn and John lived in the same area as we did in Wisconsin. Lynn and my husband worked together. We still haven't figured out which one of them was the boss! We visited them in Florida and all it took was a day in paradise to decide to build our home here. When I moved to Florida I adopted John as my brother. I made a wise choice.

Dorothy and Ed are also former Midwesterners I met when I moved here. They are a fun couple and I'm so glad I know them. I don't think I have ever seen Dorothy without a smile on her face.

Chuck and Mary are also from Wisconsin. In fact when I met Chuck for the first time we discovered he and my sister were in the same high school class. Mary is the Queen Mum of our Red Hat group.

Chuck loves this quilt. Each time he visits he spends a lot of time looking at this and talking about it. I consider that a compliment since he and Mary are art collectors. I am honoring them by making them tonight's puzzle.

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Jenny Williams said...

Oh my Gosh Kay! I had this game when I was a little girl! If this is a new game, I'm sure the horses names are more contemporary. Giving away my age, in my game they were Sea Biscuit and that's all I remember. I do remember a "line" when people said "want a tip? Seabiscuit in the third". How crass was that? If that IS a new game, where did he/you find it? I have to have one!
Jenny Williams