Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing Ceremony Quilts from Olympics Past

This is another piece I worked on during a previous winter Olympics. It is still a work in progress as I have not decided how I want to quilt it. It is made entirely with hand dyed fabrics.
I started with the same center I used on "In Living Color".
It is very well travelled. When I do a lot of hand work on a quilt it goes on a lot of trips with me before I finish the hand work. The center star portion, the petal shapes, and the light/dark aqua diamonds are all hand applique.

This quilt is a charm quilt. A charm quilt uses a different fabric for each patch and each patch is the same shape which forms a tessellation. I used 484 different fabrics. I may not have finished it during the Olympics but I did work on it during the Olympics.

I designed these two quilts on my design wall and then carefully packaged them up and took them to Hilton Head where I pieced them. Any time I did this I took a Polaroid photo of them so if I got something mixed up I'd have a photo to refer to.
These quilts are examples of advancing and receding color and design.
Warm colors advance and cool colors recede.
That is true in the first quilt.

In the second quilt I carefully placed my colors to make just the opposite thing happen. I enjoy playing with color and design theories and making things happen that disprove the theories.

I just had to use this puzzle cut as I love this quilt and I love the cut!
Click to Mix and Solve

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Kathie said...

I love the charm quilt it has such a warm feeling to it...just says autumn to me. My favorite season of the year.

Will be interesting to see how you quilt this quilt. it is beautiful, the center star is amazing.

thanks for the puzzle!