Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll See You In My Dreams

This is the tentative title for a piece I am currently working on.
It is a real challenge. I think this is my Olympic effort quilt.

Choosing the quilting designs and the thread to use had me stopped. It was layered and ready to quilt but I couldn't decided how to quilt it. I often come up with solutions to quilting problems as I take a daily walk.
Today as I was finishing my walk the title came to me. We'll see if this will be the final title.

I was pleased when I came up with the flame quilting design for the star. I threaded the machine with a heavier variegated thread, changed to a 90 Microtex needle and found I couldn't get the thread through the needle. That should have been a warning to me - but no, I just put in a 100 Jeans needle and was able to thread it.

I started quilting and the thread kept breaking. I went back to the Microtex needle and took it out of the machine, threaded it and put it back in the machine. It worked fine for a while and then the thread would break. So I'd have to pull out a few stitches, rethread the needle by taking it out and start over. On this close up you can see how many threads I have to tie off and bury. You can click on the photo for a close up view.

I finally realized I was using Jeans Stitch thread which is too heavy to free motion quilting on a quilt with cotton batting. But - I persevered and finished the star section. I am happy with the results.

To quilt the squares in the corners of the star (and also for the rest of the quilting in the quilt) I changed to one of my favorite quilting threads, Oliver Twist in a olive gold blend. It was so much easier to work with and I can thread the needle without removing it from the machine.

I was able to use a similar quilting pattern in the inset triangles, just oriented to the short sides of the triangles.

I used a wavy pattern in the narrow borders.

I do not plan all the quilting for a quilt before I start quilting it. I quilt one section when I have an idea for it. Then I study it and decide how to quilt the next section.

I will finish quilting the remaining squares and triangles. Hopefully I will come up with a quilting design for the final borders before I get ready to quilt them.

What else but a star cut for star puzzle.
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Exuberant Color said...

A size 100 topstitching needle would have been better. The eye is almost twice the size of the others. It's no fun when the thread keeps breaking. I have problems with some brands of thread breaking a lot in free motion quilting.