Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilt from Olympics Past - One Woman's Dream

I remember quilting this quilt at Hilton Head Island during the Winter Olympics of 19??

I find it quite interesting that both quilts have Dream in the title. This was not an intentional thing.

I developed this technique for doing six pointed stars without struggling to sew into corners. It gives you a lot of options and can be done quickly. No Y seams! Since many religions use the six pointed star I had hoped to hang this quilt in places of worship of different faiths at celebrations by family and friends.
I never pursued the idea, but I still think it is a good one. It could then be documented on the back with labels explaining about the celebrations and where it hung.

If you enlarge this closeup you will see more six pointed stars formed by the quilting. Coming up with an appropriate quilting design was a challenge.

I had just got my first pair of blended bifocals and quilted a good size section of the quilt. When I looked at it with my other glasses I realized I had not quilted it any where near where I thought I was quilting it. I had to take out a lot of machine quilting stitches.

I haven't used the United States puzzle cut for a while and this seems to be a perfect time as I cheer on our athletes.
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Vicki W said...

That's a great quilt! I love the background fabric you used.

esquiltingpassion said...

I love seeing great quilts like yours. This quilt is lovely.