Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time for Tea and Decorating

Today I went to a tea with a group of friends. This was not a Red Hat function but I would guess over one third of those in attendance were with a Red Hat group.
These are my friends at our table.

Our table hostess brought along her Day Of The Dead Red Hat lady.

When we finished eating Ruth Dyer of The Finishing Touch gave us a very interesting program on home decorating.
She is a very popular decorator in our area and writes a decorating column for The Village Sun.
She recommends clearing everything out of a room before you start your decorating plan. She starts with the paint color for the walls. and finishes with accessories.
I would guess just about every woman there went home and changed something in their house tonight. I had been bothered by two things in my great room and after looking around the house found a better spot for them in the guest room.

The puzzle for this post is my friends at the tea.
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House Paint Colors Guide said...

I'm surprised the decorator recommended to start with a paint color.

Usually it makes more sense to wait until you have all your fabrics and other decor elements ready before picking a wall color.

It's much easier to find a paint color to coordinate with your fabrics and other decor elements, than the other way around.

House Paint Colors Guide

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I don't agree with that either. In fact I have WHITE walls in my great room and I can't imageine any other color that would work with the bold COLORS I use in my decorating.
I've only used color on the walls in two of the rooms here.

bmabey said...

I'm kinda surprised at that recommendation too about choosing your paint color first, but am definitely a fan of clearing out a room (as much as you can) before you start decorating.

Even if you are not planning on a complete redecorating project, it is nice to edit your belongings and rotate things from one room into others for a fresh look.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I am in total aagreement about NOT choosing a paint color first.