Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tote Tuesday and Serendipity

Our Quilt Art mail list of over 3000 members is doing another fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. This is the brain child of Virginia Spiegel who is also the driving force behind this worthwhile endeavor. We have already raised over $195,000. The majority of this was raised by making and offering Fiber Art Postcards with each $30 donation.

For the 4 Tuesdays in February generous donors have filled (and often created) tote bags filled with a variety of items to appeal to fiber artists or collectors.

Yesterday I received this tote that I won on the first Tuesday. The tote itself was created by Jamie Fingal. It included her book and embellishments galore. She had help filling the tote with her group The Cut Loose Quilters. It featured an exciting array of embellishments - things I would never have been able to find myself in the stores.

When I started playing with the items in the tote it seemed like they were made for this quilt. You do remember it from my last post, don't you.

I said I wasn't going to add stuff and embellish it but it sure is tempting.

Stay tuned as I continue trying to decide how to handle this.

I know some of you like a challenging puzzle so I have one for you tonight - but for those of you who like and easier one - scroll down:
Click to Mix and Solve

Here is an easier version. I hope I've pleased you all.
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Jamie Fingal said...

Have a wonderful time with all of those beads, sequins, buttons, threads, rick rack, and delicious other treats in the bag. We all love embellishments, no duh. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Vicki W said...

Oh I think you have to embellish it now!

Deb said...

That quilt is crying to have those embellishing friends attached! They all belong together and since you won the tote, it seems it's meant to be! I personally love it when the solutions are delivered to my door!