Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quilting Natural Florida II

This is the quilt made especially for this exhibit that is at the entrance to the show.

This is my friend Jan Doudna with her quilt. It had a place of honor at the entrance to the show. I have known Jan for years and she took a lot of classes from me in Wisconsin. I am SO proud of her. The quilt is so impressive.

This is Jan's story about the quilt:
"LaChua Sunset" is a vibrant purple and gold quilt. The LaChua Trail on the north end of Paynes Prairie in Gainesville is the winter home to thousands of Sandhill Cranes. Janet Doudna of Ocala created this 55-square-inch quilt that represents sunset on the trail as the cranes settle in for the night.

We were fortunate to see a lot of sand hill cranes as we drove to Gainesville and back. In another month they will be returning to Wisconsin.

Sunset Roost is by Phyllis A. Cullen from Chico, Ca.

This is really a wonderful show and I'll be sharing more images in the days to come.

I hope Jan doesn't mind that I took a little liberty with the shape of her quilt to make it fit the puzzle dimensions. Of course I had to use the bird cut!
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Sandhill cranes said...

The birds are naturally gray and their heads are topped with a crimson crown. Some cranes preen themselves by adding mud to their feathers and thus taking on a temporary brown hue. This may happen because the birds use their bills to probe for food in muddy wetland soil.

Jackie K. said...

Thank you for showing quilts from this exhibit. I won't make it to the show, unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing more pics in the coming days!