Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspiration - where does it come from?

Much of my inspiration for creating my art comes from the fabrics and supplies available to me.
This is an assortment of items that were in Becky's Bodacious Boxes I received this week from St. Theresa's Textiles and items I received from Tote Tuesday.
These alone could keep me busy for a long, long time.
Gorgeous fabrics, and bodacious embellishments and findings.

This is an assortment of prefused pieces of my hand dyed fabrics. It is just a small part of what I have in the drawer.

This photo shows some of the items that were in the Girl Scout Tote I received from Tote Tuesday. What a fun group of fabrics to play with. The little quilt and the tote bag designed my Jamie Fingal are a real inspiration for this former Girl Scout.
As I was working with this photo a Girl Scout song came into my head and it will probably be there for quite a while:

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
On is silver,
and the other GOLD.

So all of you former Girl Scouts, sing along with me!

This has truly been a GOLD week for me.

Even though these pieces are well underway it is never too late to add or change something if you can come up with a better idea.
The sign you see "It's only fabric!!" was a gift from my friend Tommy Fitzsimmons.
It serves as a reminder that we should use our fabrics and not consider them too precious to cut into.

If you are not a quilter or artist and you walked into my house this week with all these vignettes of inspiration you might think my house was a mess. To me it is joyful and inspiring.

For everyone who was a Girl Scout or knows a Girl Scout, tonights's puzzle is for you!
Click to Mix and Solve


Kathie said...

I agree inspiration comes from all over
that looks like a wonderful box of goodies
I love your little vignettes of quilts!
I would think you were having fun , would never ever think the house is a mess!
Kathie who would totally understand

Vicki W said...

Oh heck yes!

Eva said...

I have terrible inhibitions to cut into precious fabrics! That's why discarded clothes inspire me so much. They have been cut anyway, and now I can turn them into something useful. Another reason to do this is to work within the limited space I have.

Gisela Towner said...

Oh no -- now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all evening!
Four part harmony, girls!!
That's a wonderful tote and I love that quilt of Jamie's.