Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Finish - Quilt 358 - Enchanted Forest

I have finished another quilt.
I am calling it Enchanted Forest unless I come up with a better name.
I have the right to change the names of my quilts as many times as I want!

Maybe I should get credit for finishing two quilts as I actually stitched a patterned quilt onto a solid color quilt!

There were a lot of challenges along the way and it took me quite some time to decide how to make this one work.

I'm quite pleased with the finished piece.

I have been alternating a little studio clean up with a little quilting.

The studio looked pretty good until I started bringing things out of the "studio annex" and using the studio as a staging area while I decided where to put things!


Mary Stori said...

GREAT job!! Love the movement and how pleasing the colors are together!

Dolores said...

I really like this. It looks spontaneous with quite a bit of movement - like a forest fire. How big is it?

Anonymous said...

Enchanted forest lookes like an aquarium to me.... still it is soothing, with a lot of movement the way seaweed goes...

I am getting jealous of all this clean clean clear clear......